Boutique Clothing Display Racks: Create a Funky, Unique Look for Your Store

Boutique Clothing Display Racks For Sale

Boutique clothing display racks for sale are the perfect way to create a funky, unique look for your retail store. These metal garment racks are constructed from raw steel showing all assembly marks and clear coated for protection.

Shop for a large selection of boutique clothes hanger fixtures that are sure to impress your customers. Choose from various styles and finishes to make your store stand out from the competition.

Double Bar Clothing Racks

Our standard double garment rack is a great choice for retail clothing store fixtures. Sometimes referred to as a box rack, double bar retail rack, or H-rack this heavy duty chrome clothing rack is one of the most versatile and cost effective garment storage and display racks available.

It features two parallel 60″ long hang rails that are height adjustable. The center V-brace adds extra stability to the structure. For added merchandising flexibility the ends of our double bar rack can be connected with half round add-on rails that are snap on or twist on, allowing for quick and easy configuration of your store display.

This clothing display rack can be complemented with many different add ons like baskets to hold packaged accessories (WRT40) and rack toppers for a finished look. It is also compatible with casters if you need to move your clothing rack around the store.

Portable Spiral and Round Clothing Racks

Shop for portable clothes racks that are great for merchandising in stores, boutiques, and craft shows. Look for racks that offer versatile uses like a built-in coat or hat rack, as well as clothing rail options with different sections and levels to hold more inventory.

Gridwall panels are a great option for creating wall ensembles and mobile floor displays in booths at tradeshows and flea markets. Here, they are used with waterfall hooks and mannequins to create a sophisticated display that draws the attention of shoppers.

The 270-degree spiral design of this garment rack enables it to fit against walls and in corners, making efficient use of limited showroom space. This rack has 29 retaining studs and a weighted base for stability. It also includes rail ball separators to keep items organised and prevent them from bunching up.

Single Bar Clothing Racks

This rolling clothing rack has a single bar that is height adjustable. It sits on large four inch ball bearing caster wheels making it easy to maneuver even with heavy loads of clothes. Strongly constructed with 1 1/4 inch tubing, this garment rack will hold the heaviest of clothing up to two hundred and fifty pounds.

This stylish clothing rack is a great choice for all your retail store displays, warehouse and showroom use or as a coat rack in your office or home. The Kee Klamp fittings and pipe provide a clean modern look that is also very strong, stable and durable.

This black beauty is an affordable rack that is perfect for promotional sales, stockroom at a great price or as a closet organizer in your office or home.

4 Way Clothing Racks

A heavy-duty garment rack is the ideal option for a commercial space. It can handle high loads without bending or buckling under pressure, and it comes with shelves to hold shoes and boxes. It’s also collapsible and portable, making it easy to move around and store.

While it’s important to consider a clothing rack’s capacity, you also need to think about what you want to hang on it. Some racks include knobs for hanging hats or bags, while others are designed to fit multiple outfits or more lightweight items like sweaters and blouses.

When choosing a clothes rack, look for a model that is stylish and versatile enough to suit your needs. It should also be durable and easy to assemble. Look for models that feature adjustable arms to accommodate different heights and sizes.

2 Way Clothing Racks

The 2 way garment racks provide a variety of options for displaying clothing. They can be rolled for mobility or stationary for ease of setup. They also feature different arm styles, with slanted arms or straight arms in a mix of configurations.

Runner up picks like the Udear Clothes Rack are a good choice for those looking for a cheap, lightweight clothes rack for home or professional use. Though lightweight, the rack is quite durable and holds up to 100 lbs.

Our top-rated boutique clothes rack is the Furvokia Modern Rolling Rack. It combines the benefits of a simple, polished convenient design with a stylish flair thanks to a gold paint job. This clothes rack maintains stability under pressure and movement and also works well as a design-focused storage option for the bedroom.

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